All Out March 4 to Defend Public Education

Join with CUNY Contingents Unite in the March 4th national Day of Action in defense of public education.

As part of nationwide attacks on public education, Governor Paterson has called for cuts ofmore than $84 million to CUNY’s four-year colleges and $285 per student at the communitycolleges, as well as similar cuts to SUNY. He would let the Board of Trustees raise tuitionannually. Mayor Bloomberg is closing large numbers of public schools, targeting AfricanAmerican, Latino and immigrant students and parents. In California, students, teachers and workers have launched strikes and mass protests at the University of California. CUNY adjuncts, fellows, grad student employees, HEOs and all CUNY staff, faculty and students have a clear stake in this fight.Join with the CCU to bring out labor and students against the attacks on public education. No budget cuts, no tuition hikes, no layoffsStop school closings and privatization of public educationFree, high-quality education for all – Open admissions, no tuitionRestore free Metrocards for NYC students Join the CCU contingent at the 4 p.m. rally on March 4 at GovernorPaterson’s Manhattan office (Third Ave. between 40th & 41st) andmarch on MTA headquarters.

Print and circulate the CCU March 4th flyer!

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