CUNY Contingents Unite, which fights for  the rights of the contingent workers at the City University of New York – the largest urban public university in the United States – declares its solidarity with the nearly 2,500 sessional lecturers (adjuncts) at the Université de Montréal, who have been on strike since February 24. The striking unionists are members of the Syndicat des chargées et chargés de cours de l’Université de Montréal.

Last week, they voted by an overwhelming huge majority to reject the employer’s “final” offer, which includes serious takeaways as well as the attempted exclusion of a whole group of workers from the bargaining unit, and to remain on strike until their demands are won.

The Montreal strike is an inspiration to all of us who are fighting against the increasing inequality of the two-tier academic labor system and of access to education by students from the working classes and oppressed communities.

Here in New York, we face the draconian Taylor Law, which prohibits strikes by public employees like ourselves, together with increases in students’ tuition, and the closing of a large number of public schools in our communities, many of which are in African American, Latino and immigrant communities.

In defending their rights against employer attacks, the Montréal strikers are providing encouragement and examples for the struggle here and everywhere where education is under attack.

CUNY Contingents Unite says:

Victory to the striking sessional lecturers at the Université de Montréal!

Vive la grève! Vive la solidarité internationale!

CUNY Contingents Unite

New York City, 26 March 2010

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