Emergency Protest

Emergency Protest

Say “No!” to CUNY layoffs!

Demand reduced class sizes!

When: Wednesday, May 12, 4:30-5:30
Where: outside John Jay College
Tenth Ave. between 58th & 59th Streets

• Have you been “non-reappointed” to your teaching position
at CUNY? Then you’ve been laid off!
• Are cutbacks underway on your campus? Then you’re in
danger of being laid off.
• Adjunct layoffs are part of the current attack on public
education. Governor Paterson and Mayor Bloomberg have
slashed over $200 million from CUNY over this past year
• Adjuncts, who have no job security and little contractual
protection, are being told to sacrifice their livelihoods.
Management abuse of HEOs continues.
• All faculty and students will bear the brunt of budget cuts and
lay-offs as class sizes increase, and course offerings,
student services and facilities are cut.
• Tuition was hiked 15% over the past year, with further
increases planned – as much as 10% yearly, according to
Governor Paterson’s proposal. TAP is being cut.

Date: Wednesday, May 12
Time: 4:30 PM
Place: John Jay College of Criminal Justice
899 Tenth Avenue, between 58th & 59th Streets.
By subway: Take #1, 9, A, B, C, D to 59th Street & Columbus Circle – walk west to
Tenth Avenue between 58th & 59th Streets
Sponsored by the Adjunct Project and CUNY Contingents Unite (CCU)

For further information, email: cunycontingents@gmail.com or theadjunctproject@gmail.com

P.S.: If you know of layoffs on your campus, please write us at the above email addresses!

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