Crucial meeting this Friday, August 27

The union contract with CUNY is about to expire.

How will this affect ADJUNCTS, GRAD STUDENTS who

work for CUNY, HEOs, CLTs . . . and all of us on the

bottom tiers of CUNY’s labor system?

The campaign over the new contract will begin in October 2010, when the old PSC-CUNY contract expires.
For all of us who teach here, together with thousands of other CUNY employees, our pay, benefits (or the
lack of them), work conditions, job stability (or the lack of it) and more will depend on the outcome.
A lot depends on how actively and effectively we organize for what we need, for what we deserve as the
“contingent majority” at CUNY.

● Does the economic crisis mean we have to accept things getting
even worse – for those who are already the worst off here at CUNY?

● Are we willing to be underpaid, overworked, disrespected and
disposable forever? No? Then how can we address the problems we
face – and move to improve our situation?

● What about late paychecks – and adjunct layoffs?

● What is most important to you for the upcoming contract?

Come to the first Fall meeting of CUNY Contingents Unite

to discuss these and other crucial issues!

When: Friday, August 27, 4:00-6:00 p.m.

Where: CUNY Grad Center, Room 5409

(365 Fifth Ave. at 34th St.)

Support the CCU’s 4 demands for the contract struggle:

1) Minimum three-year contracts for adjuncts, with documented reasons for non-
reappointment and a system of seniority.
2) Wage increase of $30 per credit hour for adjuncts; equivalent for graduate
fellows and other contingent titles. Step raises every year.
3) Comprehensive employer-paid health insurance on par with municipal workers
for all contingent employees.
4) Promotional series, real job security and due process for HEOs.

Labor donated

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