Dear CUNY Contingents Unite members and friends:

As you know, the union contract covering us all expired on October 19.
Now, well over 1100 people have signed the petition in support of
contingent workers’ 4 demands* for the union contract fight.

Last Friday, the CCU and Adjunct Project held a very successful joint
meeting/forum in support of the 4 demands. The enthusiastic crowd of 50
adjuncts, grad students who teach for CUNY, HEOs and other contingent
workers reaffirmed support for our 4 demands, vowed to fight for them,
and discussed our next tasks in this campaign.

This Thursday, November 4, the Professional Staff Congress is holding a
meeting of its Delegate Assembly, the body of delegates elected from
each union chapter, to vote on a “bargaining agenda” for the new

CCU members, together with members of the Adjunct Project and other
contingent rights activists, will be going to this meeting to push for
our demands. Some of us are elected union delegates. Many others are
not, but will be mobilizing to make the needs of contingent CUNY workers
felt at this crucial moment. Any union member can attend the meeting.

Please come with us to the union Delegate Assembly! Among other things,
we need people to help leaflet as delegates and observers are coming in.
But above all, your presence is an important part of this mobilization.

When: This Thursday, November 4, beginning at 6:00 p.m.

Where: UFT Building, 52 Broadway, 19th floor.

This is very close to the Wall Street station on the 4 and 5 train, as
well as many other subway stations. (The UFT building is just across the
street from the PSC’s own offices. The PSC leadership announced that the
DA will be held at 52 Broadway this time to accommodate larger

If you are able to do so, attend the pre-DA discussion, which will begin
at 4:30 p.m. at the Burger King, 106 Liberty Street (corner of Liberty
St. and Trinity Place, 3 blocks south of Fulton, one block west of
Broadway). We will be evaluating the PSC leadership’s own proposal for
contract demands, which they decided on last week but are only releasing
tonight. (Many of us have been calling for the leadership’s demands to
be publicized and discussed much earlier so there could be a significant
period of debate and discussion.)

Some of us will also be gathering tonight (Wednesday) at 7:00 p.m. in
Room 5409 of the Graduate Center to begin that process of evaluation and
hammer out some of the final plans for tomorrow’s mobilization; all CCU
members are welcome to attend this discussion as well.

Sándor John

member, CCU Coordinating Committee

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