Adjuncts, grad students, HEOs, Continuing Ed…

What next for CUNY’s contingent majority?

CUNY contingent workers won’t take “NO” for an answer to our demands

We invite you to attend the next meeting of CUNY Contingents Unite

to discuss our next steps and how to organize for what we need and deserve.

Friday, November 19, 4:00-5:30 p.m.
CUNY Graduate Center, Room 5409

(365 Fifth Avenue at 34th Street)


CUNY’s two-tier labor system has caused growing inequality, and negatively affects all of us
who work and study at the City University of New York. We support the following demands and
call on the PSC to adopt them for the upcoming contract campaign.

1) Minimum three-year contracts for adjuncts, with documented reasons for non-reappointment
and a system of seniority.
2) Wage increase of $30 per credit hour for adjuncts; equivalent for grad fellows and other
contingent titles. Step raises every year.
3) Comprehensive employer-paid health insurance on par with municipal workers for all
contingent employees.
4) Promotional series, real job security and due process for HEOs.

For more information:

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