This coming Friday, our monthly CCU meeting will address issues that are having a big impact on CUNY’s contingent majority.

Over the past weeks, the CCU has been intensively organizing in the fight to stop adjunct layoffs and the formation of new “jumbo” classes. Much of this work has centered on Baruch College, where the administration opened an offensive for the formation of new jumbo sections of up to 114 students, explicitly linking this to widespread adjunct layoffs. We have organized a series of meetings there, involving “part-time” as well as full-time faculty, department chairs and the campus PSC chapter chair. (The next one will be held this Tuesday, 3:00-4:30 in Room 8-210 of Baruch’s vertical campus building at 55 Lexington.)

In this work, we have already shown that our organizing efforts can make a real difference; the collective effort we’ve helped mobilize is having some significant results. (Details on this are contained in reports being posted to the CCU-Discussion list.)

But more needs to be done. Your participation is a vital part of this effort. While Baruch may have been the “test campus,” similar threats loom at Medgar Evers other CUNY campuses, at the same time as students are being hit with new tuition hikes.

These and related issues will be a crucial part of what we discuss in the last general CCU meeting of the year.

When: this coming Friday, December 17, 4:00-5:30 p.m.
Where: CUNY Graduate Center, Room 5409
(365 Fifth Ave. at 34th St.)

Please attend — bring friends and colleagues!

We need to map out our next steps in this struggle, together with the fight for our 4 demands for the union contract, CCU communications, HEO issues and other tasks. There will also be a report on the PSC Delegate Assembly that will be held the day before our meeting. (Please note: last month’s CCU meeting voted to have a presence at the 12/16 DA as part of the effort to press for our demands.)

Looking forward to seeing you at Friday’s CCU meeting!

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