February-March 2013 Advance

CCU-Advance-Feb-Mar 2013CCU-Advance-Feb-Mar 2013.2

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  1. Dear All,
    I enjoyed meeting with you at the Graduate Center on 2/22, which was informative for me as I begin to find my way around CUNY and the union. An article (which I haven’t been able to locate in the web archive), from the (December 2010) Clarion: Contract Special “An Alternative to Scarcity, The PSC’s Bargaining Agenda”, by B. Bowen. listed issues like wage parity and job security addressed as a kind of agenda. John Gergely gave this to us during our adjunct meeting at LaGCC. It seemed like a hopeful building block; my impression was that adjunct participation is sorely needed to sustain it.

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